EU wants to participate in and encourage regional cooperation efforts - Charles Michel

The European Union also wants to participate in and encourage regional cooperation efforts, President of the European Council Charles Michel said during a joint press conference with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Baku on Tuesday.

Michel noted that Azerbaijan wants to convey this message to all parties and countries that are ready to mobilize resources on this issue.

“I will be in Georgia tonight and tomorrow. This topic will also be on the agenda of our work and plans in Georgia. We believe that peace, lasting peace is about good agreements and their implementation. There are other issues that will sooner or later be discussed in order to make lasting peace a reality for the sake of prosperity, stability and security,” he said.

“Finally, we have examined a number of issues related to the broader geopolitical situation. We noted some of Azerbaijan's efforts in a number of areas, especially in the field of secularism. There are many debates on this issue in the world.”

“Mr. President, thank you again for this exchange of views. EU values are a political project that supports democracy, human rights and freedoms. However, the project also seeks to develop strong partnerships with a number of partners to achieve implement of mutual interest,” Michel added.


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