EU votes for President Aliyev through financial support for his strategic projects

On February 6 of this year, the European Investment Bank (EIB) allocated a loan of € 1.5bn, the biggest in its history, for construction of the Trans-Adriatic P

On March 15, the same bank decided on extending € 932mln for construction of the next section of Southern Gas Corridor-the Trans-Anadolu Pipeline (TANAP). 

Both EIB decisions were made after the announcement of the extraordinary presidential elections in Azerbaijan. They were adopted despite the colossal pressure exerted on these banks and other EU institutions by so-called "civil organizations", whose democratic and environmental rhetoric concealed the obvious desire of certain forces and countries to disrupt or at least "slow down" the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor.

The last attempt of this kind was made on March 15 in the European Parliament, where a group of deputies from marginal parties (such as the Italian "5 stars", the Spanish "Podemos" and others) put to the vote a resolution against the implementation of "joint interest projects" of the European Union and partner countries in energy sphere. This attempt, directed primarily against the TAP, was crashed with an overwhelming majority of votes (485 voting against and 177 voting for). Moreover, on the same day (March 15), the European Investment Bank decided to extend a loan of almost € 1 bn to complete the construction of TANAP without even waiting for the results of voting in the European Parliament.

Against the backdrop of all these processes, it is noteworthy that the largest investment bank of Europe has allocated a sum of almost € 2.5 bn  for the implementation of the project initiated by President Ilham Aliyev. But it is no less obvious that these decisions of the EIB coincided with Azerbaijani President’s election campaign.

There is no coincidence in big business like in big politics. In the West, big business never invests in unobvious, and smart politics always votes in money. The large-scale financial support by the European Investment Bank of Ilham Aliyev's strategic projects during his pre-election campaign attests to at least two realities. First of all, the European Union has made its choice in favor of unequivocal support for the incumbent President. And, secondly, this is proof of Brussels' confidence in the political and economic future of Azerbaijan, the dynamic development of the country and the stability of its leadership.

Europe, taught by the bitter experience of its own and other people's political experiments in neighboring countries,  stake on reliability and predictability in relations with Azerbaijan. It staked on a stably developing Azerbaijan, on its future led by a pragmatic, serious and professional leader.




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