EU mission refutes absurd claims of Armenian side

The European Union (EU) mission in Armenia has refuted the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia relating to the firing of EU observers by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, reports citing the Twitter account of the EU Mission in Armenia.

“We patrol alongside the Armenia-Azerbaijan border areas and report to 🇪🇺 Brussels on military developments, including shooting incidents in our area of responsibility,” the mission made a post on its Twitter account.

Note that the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan said that "the disinformation disseminated at Armenian information resources on August 15 at around 12:20 that Azerbaijan Army Units allegedly subjected to fire the EU observes and in the direction of their automobiles does not reflect the truth, and is another lie of the opposing side".

"We inform that the time of the EU observers' visits in the direction of the conventional border in Armenia, their movement route, coordinates in the area, as well as the brand and license plates of the automobiles, are presented to the Azerbaijani side in advance. The units of the Azerbaijani Army are aware of the mission's visits. For this reason, it is theoretically and practically impossible for such a situation to occur as claimed by the Armenian Ministry of Defense," said the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

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