Ebola infects 30, kills 15 in Guinea, DRC

The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have reported 30 Ebola virus cases and 15 related deaths so far, according to Xinhua. 

The Africa CDC, the specialised healthcare agency of the 55-member African Union, reported a fatality rate of 50 percent in the two countries.

Official figures reported to the agency showed that the DRC had 12 cases and six deaths while Guinea had 18 cases and nine deaths, the Africa CDC said in a statement issued late Tuesday.

According to the Africa CDC, Guinea and DRC have so far reported eight Ebola virus recoveries, six and two, respectively.

Seven healthcare workers are amongst the confirmed cases, two in DRC and five in Guinea, according to the agency.

The Africa CDC, in its Ebola virus cross-border updates, indicated that between February 15 to March 12, some 18 Ebola virus-related alerts were reported in Sierra Leone.

It, however, stressed that all alerts were investigated and tested negative for Ebola virus, as it emphasized that there are no confirmed Ebola cases from Sierra Leone so far.


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