'Donald Trump era' is over, Israeli expert says

The campaign begins the day immediately after the election. Therefore, all the events of recent months around Donald Trump were devoted to the beginning of his new election campaign for the future U.S. presidential election in 2025.

Prominent Israeli political analyst Yuri Bocharov expressed the due opinion while speaking to News.Az about the riots in the U.S. Congress, which ended with the breaking of Trump supporters into the Capitol building and clashes with police.  

"And the events around the Capitol are basically the official start of his new election campaign. But, in the end, he will step down as president on January 20. It's all over for America for today. The 'Donald Trump era' is over."

The expert also stressed that the U.S. and the world are waiting for the "Biden era" after this: "We do not know yet what it will bring to the world. We will wait and see where he will lead the U.S. and where the whole world will turn after him."


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