Do Baku residents keep to a diet? - SURVEY

"ACT Azerbaijan" presents results of the survey conducted in Baku on December 24th – January 3rd.

Novruz holiday has gone, but the kilos we got from holiday flavors and candies are still with us. We need a diet to get rid of that excess weight. We asked Baku residents about diet. Do they keep to a diet? If yes, what products they refuse to eat? 

One forth (28 %) of the surveyed respondents said they kept to a diet for several times over the last two years. The main reason for their diet are health (50%) and beauty (44%). Some 6 % revealed that diet helps them stay fit. 

Fat foods (61%), candies (56 %) and bakery products (46 %) were the most “undesirable” flavors for diet lovers. 

One of the interesting points is the way of defining a suitable dietary style. More than half of the respondents (59%) said they themselves choose a dietary style. Doctors come to help of 34 %, while 11% count on consulting their friends before going on a diet. 

Diet influences us not in the same way. While most of the people on diet (59%)  benefited from it, 45% said they’re not seeing a tangible result of dieting and 6% claimed their weight has seen no impact from diet. 

The survey was conducted via phone among 400 respondents on December 24th – January 3rd in Baku. Incorrectness rate of the survey results is 4.9% maximum. 


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