Daily coronavirus cases to grow in Azerbaijan if no measures taken, WHO warns

Azerbaijan will again record-high rates of daily COVID-19 infections if no measures are taken, Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci said.

Harmanci noted that WHO expected that after easing the restrictions, people would relax somewhat due to the epidemiological situation with the coronavirus, which would lead to an increase in the number of infection cases.

“This is what happened all over the world. It’s known that the tougher are the measures, the fewer is the number of infection cases, and the more is the scale of mitigation, the higher is the infection rate. This means that the pandemic isn’t over. However, people mustn’t be constantly kept under pressure, since the issue has economic, social, psychological and other aspects,” she said.

“The governments of the countries of the world, including Azerbaijan, decided to ease some restrictions, taking into account the epidemiological situation, but recently, there has been a rapid increase in the coronavirus infection rate,” the WHO official further said. “Thus, the number of infected people has increased by approximately 10 times. Sometimes this indicator in Azerbaijan was in double digits, now it exceeds 1,000. About 10,000 tests for COVID-19 are carried out in the country every day. Of these, the share of positive results increased from two to 13 percent.”

Among the achievements of Azerbaijan during the pandemic, the creation of very good laboratories can be mentioned, Harmanci also noted.

"Laboratory studies have confirmed the presence of the Delta strain of coronavirus in Azerbaijan. At the same time, the number of infection cases is growing. If we don’t take measures, then from September we’ll again record-high rates of daily infections,” she added.

“The air temperature doesn’t affect in any way on the spread of coronavirus, but as cold weather sets in the autumn, people will spend more time in closed areas and less often ventilate them. It’s no secret that all this will lead to an increase in coronavirus infection," concluded Harmanci.


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