COVID-19 global death toll exceeds 4 million

The global death toll caused by the novel coronavirus since its outbreak in late 2019 has exceeded four million, according to TASS’s calculations, which are based on official statements, as well as conclusions by experts and other mass media outlets.

As of today, 4,006,856 deaths caused by COVID-19 have been registered worldwide, while the total amount of the reported novel coronavirus cases in the world exceeded 184.2 million.

The first death caused by the novel coronavirus was officially reported on January 11, 2020. The global death toll from coronavirus hit the one million mark on September 28, 2020, and less than four months later (on January 15, 2021) this figure climbed over two million. Three months later, the worldwide death toll caused by the pandemic exceeded three million.

At the same time, the mortality rate of the new infection stands at 2.16% and this figure had been remaining below the three-percent level for more than half a year already.


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