Coronavirus vaccination in Turkey begins for citizens 75 and above

Turkey managed to inoculate more than 1.5 million people against the coronavirus in two weeks, and the campaign continues at full speed. On Thursday, the vaccination efforts were expanded to people at the age of 75 and above, Daily Sabah reports.

People are receiving CoronaVac, developed by China’s Sinovac, an inactive vaccine the country started receiving shipments of last month. Health care workers were the first to receive the shots, and under a mass vaccination plan, the elderly citizens are next in line. The age limit will gradually drop in line with the plan. People living in nursing homes and nonagenarians were in the first group broadly described as “people at the age of 65 and above.” The elderly and frail citizens unable to leave their homes are vaccinated at home by health care workers.

Citizens at the age of 75 and above will be able to get appointments from hospitals and neighborhood clinics across the country to receive the vaccine. The Health Ministry’s internet portal, smartphone apps, and a hotline allow citizens to easily schedule an appointment in the nearest clinic equipped with designated vaccination rooms separated from other facilities.


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