Communication now even more affordable with renewed “Sərbəst” tariffs!

“Azercell Telecom” LLC introduces new “Sərbəst” tariffs

Only prices have not changed in “Sərbəst” packages! Enjoy more data and more countrywide minutes with new “Sərbəst” tariff packages!

Always attaching special attention on its subscribers, “Azercell Telecom” LLC has renewed its “Sərbəst” tariffs, allowing its customers to reduce communication costs while enjoying affordable and convenient communication!

The leading mobile operator is pleased to invite its customers to join one of new “Sərbəst” tariffs upon their preference!

Thus, Azercell offers 2GB data and 350 countrywide  minutes for a monthly subscription fee of just 10 AZN within “Sərbəst 10” tariff; 5 GB data and 500 countrywide minutes for 15 AZN per month within “Sərbəst 15” tariff; 15 GB data and 850 countrywide minutes for 25 AZN per month within “Sərbəst 25” tariff; 25 GB data and 2500 countrywide minutes for 50 AZN per month within “Sərbəst 50” tariff and 60 GB data and 4000 countrywide minutes for 75 AZN per month within “Sərbəst 75” tariff.

While making calls and internet more accessible under new “Sərbəst” packages, Azercell also provides 1GB for texting in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In order to subscribe for new tariff plans, prepaid subscribers need to text S10, S15, S25, S50 or S75 to activate “Sərbəst 10”, “Sərbəst 15”, “Sərbəst 25”, “Sərbəst 50” or “Sərbəst 75” tariffs, respectively. At the same time, the postpaid subscribers are able to join “Sərbəst 15”, “Sərbəst 25”, “Sərbəst 50” or “Sərbəst 75” tariffs.

Explore the real convenience of communication with new “Sərbəst” tariffs!

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