Colombians hold protests for 10 straight days

Friday marked day 10 of protests in Colombia, which began with demonstrators rejecting a tax reform bill passed by President Ivan Duque, Anadolu Agency reports. 

Although the majority of protesters have been peaceful, frequent clashes between police and protesters have occurred.

At least 24 people have been killed and hundreds injured, according to officials. More than 379 people are considered missing, human rights organizations reported.

Videos on social media show police using what human rights groups have denounced as excessive force against demonstrators.

The UN and EU have condemned the deaths and urged that protests be respected.

Major cities are short on fuel, food and medical supplies because of roadblocks.

Although the country was initially plunged into nationwide protests against tax reform, it has since turned into broader demonstrations against police brutality, poverty and inequality.

Duque announced he would meet strike organizers to negotiate demands.

Mass marches and a national strike are planned during weekend.


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