Civilian injured in landmine blast in Azerbaijan’s Tartar

A 33-year-old civilian was injured in an anti-personnel landmine explosion in the direction of Sugovushan village of Azerbaijan’s Tartar district, the press service of the Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency (ANAMA) told News.Az.

Khazar Babashov, a driver of the International Eurasian Press Foundation, hit a landmine on the territory not cleared of mines.

The injured was taken to the Barda district hospital, his condition is stable and his life is out of danger.

Following the liberation of its lands from Armenian occupation in the 2020 second Karabakh war, Azerbaijan started conducting operations to clear its lands of mines, booby traps, and various weapons left behind by the Armenian troops.

As a result of the mines laid by the Armenian armed forces, 295 Azerbaijani citizens have become victims of mines and other explosive devices, 51 of whom were killed and over 200 received injuries of varying degrees of severity.


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