Citizens of 23 more countries allowed to enter Azerbaijan

The Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers has disseminated information on amending the resolution "On measures to extend the special quarantine regime and remove some restrictions".

According to the change, citizens of 23 more countries are allowed to enter and leave Azerbaijan by air, as well as citizens other states and stateless persons permanently residing in these countries.

Below is a list of countries from where flights to Azerbaijan are allowed:

- Argentina;

- Australia;

- Brazil;

- Brunei;

- South Korea;

- Chile;

- Ecuador;

- Cambodia;

- Costa Rica;

- Cuba;

- Kuwait;

- Kazakhstan;

- Maldives;

- Mexico;

- Morocco;

- Mongolia;

- Montenegro;

- Norway;

- Oman;

- Panama;

- El Salvador;

- Uruguay;

- New Zealand.


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