Chronicle of Azerbaijan’s Patriotic War: October 3 marks one year since liberation of Sugovushan

In response to the large-scale provocations committed by Armenian armed forces along the entire length of the front, the Azerbaijani Army on September 27, 2020, launched a counter-offensive which was then dubbed as “Iron Fist”.

The 44-day war has put an end to the almost thirty years of occupation and ensured the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

News.Az presents the chronicle of the eighth day of the Patriotic War.

- President Ilham Aliyev announced that the Azerbaijani army raised the Azerbaijani flag in Madagiz (now renamed to Sugovushan), and announced the liberation from occupation of a number of villages in Tartar, Jabrayil and Fuzuli regions;

- On October 3, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan presented a list of the destroyed military equipment of the Armenian Armed Forces. Its total losses amounted to 230 tanks and other armored vehicles, 250 artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars, 38 air defense systems, 10 command and observation posts, 7 ammunition depots, more than 130 vehicles, 1 anti-aircraft missile complex S-300;

- During the night of October 3, the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces in various directions of the front was suppressed, crushing blows were inflicted on them;

- The armed forces of Armenia subjected to intensive shelling the city of Tartar, the regional villages of Sakhlaabad, Gazyan, Gapanli, Gaynag, Askipara, Gusanli, the villages of Aghdam region Ayag Garvand, Imamgulubeyli, Garadaghly, Tazakand, Ajabadin region of Muganli, Giyunyungodbaranla

- Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev said at a briefing that since September 27, 19 civilians have been killed as a result of Armenian shelling. Among those killed are three women and two children;

- The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has distributed footage of the destruction of the Armenian army's military equipment;

- The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has distributed video footage from the territories liberated from the occupation;

- Residents of Baku on the balconies of their houses celebrated the liberation of the village of Sugovushan.


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