Chief of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service meets with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President

Chief of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service, Chairman of the State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons Ali Naghiyev has met with a delegation led by President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Pia Kauma, reports.

During the meeting, the sides discussed the current situation in the South Caucasus region after the military operations in Karabakh, ensuring the safe living conditions for people in the territory of Karabakh, the consequences caused by the high contamination with mines, and the fate of hostages and missing persons.

Chairman of the Commission Ali Naghiyev noted that Azerbaijan is currently carrying out large-scale reconstruction works in the liberated territories. He underlined that despite the fact that a significant part of the territories is mined by Armenia and the repeated negotiations, the Azerbaijani side has not been provided with mine maps or their locations were presented inaccurately, and that impedes the rapid implementation of the restoration process.

Taking into account that the victims of mine terrorism are increasing day by day, Ali Naghiyev stressed the need for the OSCE, along with other international organizations, to put pressure on Armenia to provide accurate mine maps.

Touching on the issue of nearly 4,000 Azerbaijani citizens, who went missing as a result of the military aggression and the policy of ethnic cleansing of Armenia against Azerbaijan, Ali Naghiyev noted that although the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from occupation made their search easier, the fate of a large number of citizens has not yet been clarified.

He brought to the President’s attention that it is unacceptable for some states to arm Armenia to re-escalate the situation in the region, when there is a favorable opportunity for the establishment of sustainable peace in the region, adding that such situations will lead to resumption of war.

President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Pia Kauma emphasized that the organization she represents can provide necessary support to the confidence-building process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as expressed her position regarding the future security of the region.

The sides also exchanged views on other issues of mutual interest.

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