Bocharov: Armenian people think about victories least of all, they are interested in their families, normal life

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan understands very well that the loss of war and part of the occupied territories is a black mark and loss of power for him, Israeli political scientis Yuri Bocharov told News.Az.

Bocharov noted that Pashinyan is still rushing between Russia and the West, trying to please one or the other, while solving the issue of personal survival.

“Russia disappoints him by not taking part in the active phase of the war, so it is quite possible that he will look for his future in the West, taking the country away if he is allowed from the CIS, as, for example, Georgia,” he said.

The political scientist stressed that the hostilities will end when Pashinyan decides what the future of Armenia is.

“While fighting, Pashinyan is playing for time, hoping to resolve his personal issue, and only then the one relating to Armenia. Although in the light of the Azerbaijani army’s success, Pashinyan's issue seems to have already been resolved," he added.

Bocharov said it is also necessary for Armenia’s leadership to remember such factors as the Armenian people and the Armenian diaspora.

“The Armenian diaspora, without risking anything, being thousands of kilometers away from the combat zone, will continue to shout about “Great Armenia”. The Armenian people have long wanted peace and prosperity for their country and least of all thinks about great deeds and victories. The Armenian people are interested in himself, his family, work and normal life,” he said.

The political analyst underlined the need not to forget about those who are interested in maintaining tensions in the entire South Caucasus.


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