Bibi Heybat to become new tourist destination in Baku

More landscaping work has been recently carried out in the surrounding villages and settlements of Azerbaijan’s Baku, Trend reports.

The number of places in which beautification work has been carried out is being increased.

One of these places is the Bibi-Heybat settlement, which in the future may be included in the list of tourist destinations. In the past, people came to the settlement to visit the Bibi-Heybat Mosque, but the settlement itself is expected to become a favorite destination for tourists.

Presently, landscaping and beautification work is underway in the settlement.

The roads are being laid, facades which should be restored are being renovated and communication lines are being fixed. The children's entertainment centers are planned to be created on the territory.

The beautification and reconstruction work is underway in other suburbs of Baku, such as Balakhani, Amirjan and Ramana. Moreover, Mardakan, Novkhani, Buzovna and other settlements are also planned to become tourist destinations.


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