Belgium slightly relaxes coronavirus measures

Belgium on Friday relaxed coronavirus restrictions, letting people enter shops and restaurants without a face mask in most parts of the country, Anadolu Agency reports.

Under the new rules decided by the Belgian government two weeks ago and entering into force on Friday, people are allowed to go to shops, bars, and restaurants without wearing a face mask.

It is only obligatory to cover the mouth and the nose in public transport, healthcare facilities, during close-contact services, such as hair-dressing or manicure, and indoor events involving more than 500 people.

However, the relaxation will only be applied in Wallonia and Flanders regions, since the capital, Brussels decided to keep stricter mask rules.

Night clubs and discos can also open as of Oct. 1 all over the country, and people will be allowed to organize private events, such as weddings or funerals, hosting up to 500 people indoors and 750 people outdoors.

Travel rules slightly change too. The Passenger Locator Form, a document required to submit to Belgium authorities before entering the country, can only be filled online.

Travelers under the age of 18 years can enter the bloc from non-Schengen countries without a COVID-19 certificate – practically without being vaccinated or tested – if they are accompanied by an adult holding a pass.


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