Baku slams French foreign minister’s groundless allegations

France's Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, wrongfully calling the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan as "Nagorno Karabakh" and an "enclave" within Azerbaijan is disrespectful to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as well as to the rights of Azerbaijanis who were subjected to mass ethnic cleansing from this region, said Aykhan Hajizada, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, News.Az reports.

“We would like to remind the French Minister once again that the Karabakh region is an internationally recognized sovereign territory and an integral part of Azerbaijan,” Hajizada said as he responded to the question of the local media on the allegations against Azerbaijan made by Catherine Colonna.

“Furthermore, the allegations of France that the "Lachin" border checkpoint established by Azerbaijan in its sovereign territory has blockaded the road are completely baseless. Armenian residents have already started transparently crossing this checkpoint in both directions. Azerbaijan protects its borders and organizes the crossing of these borders in accordance with its internal legislation and internationally adopted rules,” the spokesperson added.

He stressed that France must cease such provocative allegations which serve neither peace nor stability.


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