Azerbaijan slams France’s unfounded allegations on Lachin road “blockade”

Baku on Thursday strongly rejected the unfounded claims made by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs regarding the alleged “blockade” of the Lachin road by Azerbaijan.

“The French side's selective focus on certain aspects while disregarding the presence of Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijani territory for the past three years, ongoing military provocations against Azerbaijan, illegal transfer of military products and mines, and significant violations of the tripartite statement, including hindering the opening of communications, is unacceptable,” said Aykhan Hajizada, spokesman for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, as he commented the biased statement made by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

“The establishment of the Lachin border crossing point by Azerbaijan should not be misconstrued as a violation of obligations. The International Court of Justice, in its decision on July 6, unequivocally affirmed the full legitimacy of the Lachin border checkpoint. Armenia's appeals to dismantle the checkpoint and withdraw border guards were unanimously rejected,” Hajizada added.

The spokesman emphasized that Azerbaijan is fully authorized and obligated to prevent the unlawful use of the Lachin road and address cases of misuse by implementing control and transparency at the border.

“Despite our efforts, the Armenian side continues to engage in provocations, firing at the checkpoint, attempting smuggling, and trying to send trucks to the area without Azerbaijan's permission. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan, through the International Committee of the Red Cross, has facilitated the passage of Armenian residents through the border checkpoint. On July 27 alone, 34 individuals on 7 vehicles successfully passed through the checkpoint,” he said.

“Alternative routes, such as the Aghdam-Khankendi route, have been proposed to facilitate the transportation of large volumes of goods into the region. The persistent disregard for this decision on sovereign Azerbaijani territory indicates that claims about the humanitarian situation are mere speculations.

The French side's silence on Armenian provocations and its biased calls against Azerbaijan highlight the flawed nature of its policy. We urge against being swayed by Armenian manipulations and issuing biased statements without considering their implications. Such actions, which target Azerbaijan, do not contribute to peace and stability in the region,” Hajizada concluded.


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