Baku responds to OSCE statement on Armenia-Azerbaijan border tension

"Our position on the issues mentioned in the statement of the co-chairs, including on the recent tension on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, the attempt of the Armenian sabotage group to commit a terrorist act with penetration into the territory of Azerbaijan, the process of delimitation and demarcation, as well as the provision of humanitarian access to the region, repeatedly was stated in official statements," Abdullayeva said.

According to the spokesperson, Azerbaijan has mobilized all efforts to restore the liberated territories, ensure the peaceful coexistence of people on these lands and is taking appropriate measures.

“On the basis of the principles of international law, cooperation with international humanitarian organizations is carried out, including appropriate steps were taken to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by the war in Karabakh,” she noted. “In connection with the six detained Armenian servicemen, to whom the co-chairs refer in their statement, we remind that these Armenian servicemen were detained while committing a provocation aimed at mining roads.”

Armenia's refusal to provide information on the whereabouts of mines, while the anti-personnel mines planted by Armenia in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan pose a threat to the lives of people every day, and moreover, the attempt to lay new mines does not fit into any framework, the spokesperson further said.

“Thus, before proposing an exchange of detainees on the principle of ‘all for all’, the co-chairs should at least pay attention to the reasons for their detention and urge the provocateurs to refrain from such activities,” Abdullayeva added. “We have repeatedly stated that we support a negotiated settlement of border tensions, as well as calls by the international community for the demarcation and delimitation of the border between the two countries.”

“As it’s known, Azerbaijan supported the recent proposal to establish a trilateral commission on delimitation and demarcation of the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” she also noted. “Normalizing interstate relations, starting the demarcation and delimitation of borders and, finally, laying a solid foundation for peaceful coexistence can only be based on strict observance of the norms of international law on sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders.”

“The co-chair countries, in turn, can contribute to peace and development in the region by supporting the implementation of trilateral statements,” concluded Abdullayeva.

As Azerbaijani Defense Ministry earlier said, a reconnaissance-sabotage group of Armenian Armed Forces undertook an attempt to enter Azerbaijan’s territory in the direction of the Yukhary Ayrim settlement of Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar district near the state border on May 27. As a result of immediate operational measures, 6 Armenian servicemen who tried to mine the roads leading to the positions of the Azerbaijani Army on the border were rendered harmless and detained.


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