Baku residents are not fully aware of hybrid cars - SURVEY

“ACT Azerbaijan” presents results of the survey it conducted on April 19 – May 1 in Baku city.

Traffic congestion and gasoline demand are on rise in Baku simultaneously with the growing number of automobiles. Moreover, exhaust gas is taking its toll on the city environment. To prevent all these developed countries started using economical petrol cars, including alternative fuel vehicles or green vehicles (hybrid, electrombile). 

Are Baku residents aware of the latest breakthrough technologies in the automobile industry?

The survey revealed that most of the people in the capital city do not know about hybrid cars (73 %).
Nearly half of the respondents (45 %) failed to answer the question “Which car would you prefer to buy – traditional or alternative fuel?”Those who answered opted for traditional gasoline-powered cars (31 %).

The survey was conducted via phone among 400 respondents in Baku city on on April 19th – May 1st. Incorrectness rate of the survey is 4.9 % maximum.



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