Baku rejects Yerevan’s unfounded claims, condemns its destructive position

Baku has rejected the unfounded, hostile statement made on Sunday by Armenia’s Foreign Ministry.

Azerbaijan strongly condemns Armenia’s destructive position at a time when decisions are made to take steps to normalize relations between the two countries, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“On what grounds does the Armenian side, which is still evading responsibility for numerous crimes, talk about mass murder or ethnic cleansing, if the country itself subjected to ethnic cleansing about 1 million Azerbaijanis, grossly violating the fundamental rights of these people for almost 30 years, committed numerous war crimes during military aggression, including brutal killing of 613 civilians overnight in Khojaly, bears responsibility for the fate of about 4,000 missing Azerbaijanis back in the early 90s, some of whose mass graves are found only now?!”

“This statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, which promotes separatism in Azerbaijan, interferes in the internal affairs of another state in violation of international law, and undermines peace-building efforts in the region, demonstrates that the real intention of the opposite side is not normalization and peaceful coexistence. Regardless of Armenia's choice, Azerbaijan will continue to move towards development and progress within its international borders in accordance with its obligations and international law,” the ministry added.


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