Baku police department issues warning over National Council rally

The Baku city police department has issued a warning over the National Council’s rally scheduled to take place on April 8.

The department’s deputy chief, Sahlab Baghirov, said in a statement to APA that the Baku city police department will not let any provocation take place during the rally agreed with the Baku city executive power.
“We’ve invited the organizers to the Baku city police department. They’ll be given a warning. We won’t allow any slogans be chanted, except the ones noted in their letter to the Baku city executive power. We’ll prevent any attempt aiming to cause unrest or confrontation. Otherwise the rally organizers and the guilty will be punished in accordance with the law,” he said.
The National Council appealed to the Baku city executive power on April 9. The city executive power proposed that the rally be held at Mahsul stadium on April 8, to which the National Council agreed.  


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