Baku hosts conference on protection of national and moral values in internet media and social networks

A conference entitled “Protection of the national and moral values in internet media and social networks: journalistic solidarity against negative trends” has k

Speaking at the event, chairman of Azerbaijan Press Council, MP Aflatun Amashov said that several Azerbaijani citizens, who got asylum in Europe, have recently insulted Azerbaijan, the head of state and the state symbols, violating all moral and ethical principles, AzerNews reports. He said that such campaigns are due to the forthcoming presidential election in Azerbaijan. “Such unpleasant acts were also observed in previous elections. But this time it is accompanied by harsh and offensive language, anger and insult. The main intention of such forces is to contribute to the fragmentation of society. But they are minorities. Today, there are many Azerbaijanis living in Europe and other countries of the world, who represent Azerbaijan very successfully and actively promote the truth about the country.”

The Azerbaijani President's Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov emphasized the significance of the event, pointing to the topicality of the discussed issues.

Ali Hasanov said that holding this kind of round-table discussions on such a pressing issue on the eve of the presidential election is of essential importance to the country.

The President's Assistant said that the majority of the Azerbaijani public demonstrate their attitude to completely immoral statements of several Azerbaijanis living abroad from a very constructive, effective perspective, which is of pivotal significance to the society.


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