Baku has every right to open museums marking the victory over Armenia's occupants - Russian expert

Azerbaijan should not pay attention to the attacks of the French ambassador in Yerevan about the museum of trophies. Paris less than anyone else has the right to judge what is proper and what is not for Azerbaijan.

Russian military expert Yevgeny Mikhailov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az while commenting on the insinuations of the French ambassador to Armenia about the opening of the War Trophy Park in Baku, which displays Armenia's damaged military equipment.

"Obviously, such insinuations primarily dictated by the desire to please the Armenian diaspora in France and no more. It is by no means dictated by reality. The reality is that the winner in the war is free to make any museums, precisely because he won. Moreover, no one disputes Baku's right to Karabakh except some political forces and Armenia itself. For Azerbaijan, the war was actually a patriotic one, the war waged for the liberation of its land from Armenian occupation and, accordingly, Baku has every right, based on global experience and same France, to open any museums marking the victory over Armenia's occupants," he said.


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