AZN 17.6 million allocated to State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads - ORDER

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed an order about measures regarding the construction of Yevlakh–Zagatala–state border with Georgia (155 km)–Gullar

According to the order, in order to lay Yevlakh–Zagatala–state border with Georgia (155 km)–Gullar–Tulu–Talalar–Sharif–Ajiligbine–Gaysa automobile road connecting 7 residential sites with 30,000 population, AZN 17.6 million have been allocated to State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads from the funds envisaged for construction and rehabilitation of automobile roads in the framework of distribution of the state fixed capital investment (investment expenditures) of the state budget of Azerbaijan Republic for 2020.

The Ministry of Finance is charged to ensure financing in the amount indicated in the order, and the Cabinet of Ministers is charged to solve issues arising from this order.


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