“Azercell in every house” in Jojug Marjanli

Azercell’s Mobile Customer Service has visited Jojug Marjanli village.

“Azercell Telecom” LLC, the company which has established and embedded innovative and exemplary customer service model in our country, brought great joy to its subscribers residing in the village Jojug Marjanli, located on the frontline. Thus, Azercell’s Mobile Customer Service visited the village and served the residents.

Meanwhile, Azercell offered various campaigns for customers. Every family in the village received one Azercell number within the framework of the campaign “Azercell in every house”. It is worth to emphasize that, Azercell granted new subscribers with 100 free on-net calls and offered 2 gift options: 1000 free on-net calls or unlimited mobile internet package to the customers who received smartphones from the company.

Remarkably, the representatives of the company visited the military unit in the village. After the meeting with soldiers and officers, Azercell honored the military staff with various presents.

It is worth noting that, Azercell has implemented necessary actions in 2017 in order to provide quality and beneficial communication and optimize the mobile network in Jojug Marjanli.

In 2018, the company conducted a series of systematic actions with the view to optimize its network, expand the coverage and provide the subscribers with high-speed internet all over the country. Azercell installed new 4G stations in several regions, which led to an increase in the number of 4G users to more than 1 million. Thus, the company installed new 4G stations in 30 various regions of Azerbaijan in 2018. Currently, along with Baku and Absheron peninsula, Azercell subscribers can connect to 4G network in 42 regions of the country. Pioneered in bringing LTE technology, in 2018 Azercell doubled its 4G coverage to extend high-speed mobile internet across the country. Consequently, mobile internet usage has risen by 50%.

Notably, aimed at offering more convenient and quality service for its customers, “Azercell Telecom” LLC launched 16 new exclusive shops in 2018 in Baku and the regions, as well.


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