Azerbaijan's parliamentary speaker updates OSCE PA delegation on South Caucasus

Speaker of the Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan Sahiba Gafarova met with a delegation of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA), headed by the President of the structure Pia Kauma, on November 13, reports.

The sides exchanged views on the situation in the South Caucasus region.

The speaker spoke about Azerbaijan's local anti-terrorist measures in September of this year in Azerbaijan's Karabakh, noting that they were carried out in full compliance with international law, that civilian infrastructure was not damaged, and that no cases of violence against civilians were recorded.

Gafarova also spoke about Azerbaijan's measures in connection with the reintegration of the Armenian residents of Karabakh. She noted that Armenia denies the right of Azerbaijanis to return to their native lands.

In addition, speaking about the installation of more than one million mines by Armenia in the Azerbaijani territories, the speaker said that this is a serious threat in light of the large-scale restoration and reconstruction work carried out there.

At the meeting, Ghafarova said that Azerbaijan is the main interested party in the safe and stable future of the South Caucasus and is committed to advancing the peace agenda in the region. The speaker noted with regret that instead of working for peace, Armenia is still trying to mislead the international community on the basis of false accusations against Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, she noted that Armenia continues to use all opportunities and platforms for a smear campaign against Azerbaijan and expressed regret over the support of this lie by Armenia in some international organizations. Gafarova said that the accusations made by Armenia of allegedly carrying out "ethnic cleansing" in Azerbaijan are unfounded and false.

Moreover, the speaker noted that any attempts to distort the real situation or perpetuate hatred and enmity should be stopped, and it is important to avoid actions and statements that can further complicate the situation. In this context, the speaker noted the importance of preventing the OSCE PA events from turning into a platform for Armenia's false propaganda against Azerbaijan.

The sides exchanged views on the possible role of the OSCE PA in establishing trust between the delegations of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The sides also discussed issues of cooperation between the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

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