Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry summons French ambassador (UPDATED)

France’s Ambassador to Baku Anne Boillon on Friday was summoned to Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting, the French side was presented with a note of protest, and the ambassador was asked for clarifications regarding the untrue statements voiced at the meeting of French President Emmanuel Macron with the Armenian community in Marseille, aimed against Azerbaijan and defending Armenia, the Foreign Ministry’s press service told News.Az.

Ambassador Boillon was told that Emmanuel Macron, who has repeatedly made anti-Azerbaijani statements, has failed to achieve his goals in the war and post-war period. It was stressed that President Macron's words once again show that he is a tool in the hands of the Armenian lobby in France.

It was brought to the attention of Anne Boillon that such biased statements disseminated with reference to President Macron against the background of Armenia's support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the recognition of the Karabakh region as part of Azerbaijan not only prevent the establishment of peace and stability in the region but also contribute to further expansion of the destructive activities of those who promote separatism and terrorism.


French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Boillon has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

The ambassador was asked to clarify the recent meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and representatives of Armenia's Dashnaktsutyun party and the Armenian lobby in France and statements in the press about some of the opinions expressed by the French president at this meeting.

It was brought to the attention of the ambassador that the French side should clarify these statements made on behalf of Macron.

Thus, representatives of Dashnaktsutyun party and the Armenian lobby in their statements in the media, quoting Emmanuel Macron, said that, immediately after the Chisinau meeting, the French president said that he was more active in the "Karabakh issue" than Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan, and would further strengthen this activity.

In response, the ambassador said that she had no information on this issue.

The Azerbaijani side is waiting for Paris to confirm or refute the opinions expressed on behalf of Emmanuel Macron. If they are confirmed, it is possible that official Baku will take appropriate steps at the diplomatic level.

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