Azerbaijan`s Embassy in China establishes polling station for snap presidential election

In accordance with the Election Code, a polling station has been established at the Azerbaijani embassy in the People's Republic of China in anticipation of the upcoming snap presidential election scheduled in Azerbaijan on February 7. Members, secretaries, and a chairman of the precinct election commission were elected.

“Azerbaijani citizens residing in China or on long-term foreign assignments will be able to vote at the designated polling stations established in the embassy from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on February 7. Azerbaijani citizens aged 18 and above can exercise their voting rights by presenting their ID card or domestic passport,” the embassy said.

The Precinct Election Commission is fully prepared for the organization of the presidential election in accordance with legislative requirements. All necessary measures have been taken to inform Azerbaijani citizens, who are consular-registered in China, about the upcoming presidential election and participation in the voting process.

Additionally, announcements have been disseminated on the embassy's official website, social network accounts, as well as in groups of Azerbaijani compatriots within the “Wechat" messenger program.

Apart from Azerbaijani citizens residing in China, voters with the right to vote, who will arrive in Beijing on that day for various reasons, will be able to vote at the station created at the Azerbaijani embassy in China.

A total of 49 polling stations have been set up across 37 countries to ensure the voting rights of Azerbaijani citizens living beyond the country or on long-term foreign assignments for the snap presidential election, which will be the first election held in the country after the restoration of the territorial integrity and state sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Voting at the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, where polling stations have been established, will commence initially at the embassy of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Korea and conclude at the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles.

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