Azerbaijanis stage protest rally in London against Armenia’s military provocations

Azerbaijanis in the United Kingdom on Friday held a peaceful rally outside the Armenian embassy in London in connection with Armenia’s recent military provocations on border with Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani embassy said in a statement.

During the rally, about 150 Azerbaijanis chanted slogans such as “Karabakh is Azerbaijan,” “Stop Armenian Agression” and sang the national anthem of Azerbaijan.

A few minutes before the rally, it became clear that the Armenian side, which had heard about Azerbaijan’s event in some form, also planned a rally the area. About 50 people joined their rally.

Unfortunately, the Armenian side once again committed a provocation against the Azerbaijanis, making insulting statements about Azerbaijan’s national symbols, as well as the head of state. The Armenians then resorted to violence against the Azerbaijanis who were responding to their insults and provocations. Azerbaijani Zaur Teymurov, who joined the rally from Manchester, was injured during the confrontation. After the police intervention, the confrontation ended and the Azerbaijanis continued the rally.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to the UK Tahir Taghizade received his fellow countrymen participating in the rally and thanked them on behalf of the Azerbaijani state for their patriotism.


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