Azerbaijani UAV "shot down" by Armenia turned out to be "biplane": Defense Ministry

The Azerbaijani UAV “shot down” by Armenia turned out to be a “biplane”, said Colonel Vagif Dargahli, chief of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s press service.

According to Dargahli, on Oct. 12, the Armenian side once again reported that it shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and published a video with allegedly the same UAV for confirmation.

However, a quick view at the frames of this video gives a clear idea that falling from the air and burning with a bright flame is the An-2 light multipurpose aircraft, said the spokesman.

“The question is, why do the Azerbaijani Armed Forces need an agricultural "biplane" when they’re armed with the most modern types of weapons and the latest military equipment? In one word, all the UAVs of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are operational and are ready for combat," Dargahli added.


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