Azerbaijani, Turkish joint combat tactical exercises continue in Nakhchivan (VIDEO)

The Azerbaijani, Turkish joint combat tactical exercises, codenamed "Unshakable Brotherhood-2021" has started in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told News.Az.

In conformity with the scenario of the drills, the units are carrying out practical activities.

In order to achieve coordination of the units’ interaction, the troops are continuously controlled through command and control systems from the command posts, and the units and formations operate in accordance with the combat readiness plans.

The commanders assess the area, select the directions of secret approaches to enemy positions, study the routes of movement, train the activities of personnel in various ways.

Special attack groups are approaching enemy positions, avoiding the enemy's optical devices and accurate fire.

Training flights involving fighter jets, military transport and attack helicopters are conducted with difficult pilot maneuvers.


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