Azerbaijani sappers successfully complete demining course in Turkey (PHOTO)

A group of 23 pyrotechnics and sappers of the Special Risky Rescue Service of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations returned home after successfully completing the Special Mine Exploration and Clearance course organized by the Armed Forces Attaché of the Head Quarters of Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense in Baku.

The ministry employees, who participated in the courses held at the Sapper School and Training Center Command in Izmir on January 3-29, 2021, improved their knowledge and skills in the field of demining and mine disposal of the territories. At the end of the course, certificates were presented to the personnel on completion of the curriculum and training, the ministry told News.Az.

In addition, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense presented 10 specially trained mine-detection dogs to the Azerbaijani ministry within the framework of bilateral cooperation.

Preparations are underway to send cynologists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to Turkey to bring the dogs to Azerbaijan, as well as to improve their relevant skills in this field.


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