Azerbaijani President: We have created a professional army, our servicemen deserve the highest praise

“We have created a professional army. We have created a heroic army. Our servicemen deserve the highest praise. We had martyrs during the war. May God have mercy on all our martyrs. May God grant patience to their relatives,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the nation after lighting a holiday bonfire on Jidir Duzu, Shusha.

The head of state stressed that the Azerbaijani army liberated Shusha by shedding blood.

“There were fierce battles for Shusha. The remains of the invaders were scattered along the Lachin corridor. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of invaders were killed in the battles for Shusha. Our servicemen came to Shusha with light weapons, climbing steep rocks, crossing ravines and hills, Khojavand forests and paths. We fought with light weapons, pistols and bayonets. Cannons and tanks were used against us here. But the enemy saw our strength, saw our will, saw our national spirit, and was defeated,” the president said.  

President Aliyev described the liberation of Shusha as a special event in the Patriotic War.

“Shusha was our goal and we were moving towards it. The presence of the Azerbaijani Army in all the liberated lands before Shusha also conditioned the liberation of Shusha. Jabrayil district, Sugovushan, Hadrut, most of Khojavand district, Zangilan, Fuzuli, Gubadli districts, the southern part of Lachin district, Kalbajar mountains, Murov mountain and then Shusha. During the war, more than 300 villages and towns were liberated. The enemy was brought to its knees, surrendered and signed an act of capitulation on 10 November,” the head of state added.


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