Azerbaijani President: Modernization of our Armed Forces will be carried out according to plan

“Modernization of our Armed Forces, the deepening of reforms in this area, in the direction of creation and improvement of new armed units, including the acquisition of the most advanced weapons and equipment, will be carried out according to plan,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed a meeting dedicated to the socio-economic results of six months of 2023, reports.

The head of state pointed out that the reforms carried out in the Armed Forces after the Second Karabakh War have not yet been completed, adding, “we must bring our Armed Forces to the level of the most advanced armies of the world – of course, considering the proportion of Azerbaijan. In terms of structural reforms, governance and self-defense, we are building a force that we can feel confident in this geography. It is the case today, but even greater things must be done.”

“Our security is in safe hands, the people of Azerbaijan can and should live comfortably from now on. One of the tasks we are facing is, of course, the relations with Armenia. In this field, the result does not depend on us alone. However, our policy pushes the Armenian side to take important steps. But, of course, it is a mutual activity,” the President noted.

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