Azerbaijani people remember martyrs of January 20 tragedy with deep respect (PHOTOS)

Thirty-three years have passed since the events of Bloody January. As is the case every year, the people of Azerbaijan remember the martyrs of 20 January with deep respect this year too.

Large crowds have been moving towards the Alley of Martyrs since early morning of 20 January. Coupled with sadness, the feeling of pride can be observed on the faces of people coming to this holy place. Because 20 January is inscribed in the history of our nation not only as a tragedy, but also as a page of heroism and wisdom.

People of all walks of life are among those coming to the Alley of Martyrs – ghazis of the Patriotic War, soldiers, representatives of public institutions, veterans, young people, and schoolchildren. This is a manifestation of people's respect and reverence for the dear memory of the heroic children of the Motherland.


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