Azerbaijani parliament to discuss bill prohibiting smoking in public places

A bill prohibiting smoking in public places in Azerbaijan was discussed Friday at a joint meeting of the parliament’s Labor and Social Policy Committee and Huma

Adil Valiyev, head of the Sector on Labor Legislation in the Social Legislation Department of the Administration of the Azerbaijan Parliament, gave information about the bill, APA reported.
According to him, the bill, consisting of three chapters and 18 articles, defines the legal bases for the protection of the population’s health, promotion of healthy lifestyle, healthy growth and development of children and young people, prevention of addiction to bad habits, tobacco use and reduction of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the environment.
The bill prohibits smoking at healthcare facilities, scientific and educational institutions, museums, libraries, cinemas, theaters, circus buildings, exhibition halls, sport venues, concerts halls, shopping, housing and social service facilities, all types of public catering facilities except for areas specially designated for smoking,  residential buildings and other indoor places for public use, elevators of multi-storey buildings, office buildings, personal offices except for areas specially designated for smoking, air and sea ports, administrative buildings, railway stations, bus terminals except for areas specially designated for smoking at bus stops, as well as in playgrounds, beaches, petrol stations and other places.
The bill further restricts the use of tobacco products in educational institutions, as well as in their territories, in healthcare, rehabilitation facilities and sanatorium, as well as in their territories, in all enterprises, institutions and organizations, workplaces, halls where sports competitions are held, public catering places, restaurants, cafes and bars (except for outdoor facilities), commercial and housing facilities, hotels and other places.
The bill also prohibits the sale of tobacco, tobacco advertising and its promotion. Furthermore, television and radio broadcasters should air a program on negative effects of tobacco use and other bad health habits, as well as allocate not less than 90 minutes of airtime for these programs per month.
Those who violate the law will be brought to responsibility in accordance with the Civil Code, Criminal Code and Code of Administrative Offences.
The bill was recommended for a discussion at the upcoming parliament’s plenary session.


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