Azerbaijani parliament adopts bill on execution of state budget for 2021 in second reading

A bill on the execution of the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2021 was submitted for a discussion at a plenary session of the Milli Majlis (parliament) on Friday.

Following discussions, the document was put to a vote and adopted in the second reading, a correspondent of News.Az reports.

The state budget revenues for 2021 amount to 26.3 billion manat ($15.4 billion), which is 3.8 percent (969.3 million manat – $570.1 million) more than the approved forecast.

State budget expenditures amounted to 27.4 billion manat ($16.1 billion) last year, which is 3.9 percent (1.1 billion manat - $647 million) less than the forecast figure.

Accordingly, the state budget deficit is 1.02 billion manat ($600 million), which is 67.1 percent less than the approved forecast.


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