Azerbaijani parliament adopts bill on 2023 state budget in second reading

The bill “On the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2023” was discussed at a session of the country’s Milli Majlis on Friday, News.Az reports.

The bill was presented by Tahir Mirkishili, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee for Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship. 

Prime Minister Ali Asadov and government members also attended the session.

The budget envelope includes bills "On the state budget for 2023", "On subsistence minimum for 2023", "On need criterion for 2023", "On budget of the State Social Protection Fund for 2023" and "On budget of the unemployment insurance fund for 2023" and expenditure estimates of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Chamber of Accounts for the next year.

Following discussions, the bill was put to a vote and adopted in the second reading.


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