Azerbaijani ombudsperson informs Hungarian officials about activities of National Preventive Mechanism

Azerbaijan`s Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva has met with President of the Constitutional Court of Hungary Tamás Sulyok as part of her visit to the country, News.Az reports. 

During the meeting, the Ombudsperson provided in-depth information on judicial and legal reforms implemented in Azerbaijan, effective cooperative relations with, and inquiries sent to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan for the purpose of more effective protection of human rights and freedoms.

Tamás Sulyok highlighted the activities of the Constitutional Court. The meeting featured discussions on the prospects for cooperation.

The Azerbaijani Ombudsperson also met with Tamás Tóth, Director General of the Prison Service of Hungary. Tamás Tóth informed Sabina Aliyeva about the efforts to protect the rights of both inmates and prison employees. He also gave information about the foreign nationals imprisoned in penal institutions and their legal status.

Ombudsperson Sabina Aliyeva provided detailed information about the activity of the National Preventive Mechanism in Azerbaijan, and shared the reforms implemented at the national level, applied innovations, and positive experiences of the Ombudsman Institution in the relevant field.

The Azerbaijani Ombudsperson pointed out that every year, more than 200 visits are carried out to institutions that persons cannot leave on their own free will, and the preventive visits cover not only penitentiary institutions, but also police temporary detention facilities, psychiatric institutions, educational and social service institutions, orphanages, and immigration detention centers for irregular migrants.

“Considering the Ombudsman’s appeals, new penal institutions meeting modern standards for female inmates have been built, and opportunities for video communication with the families of detainees in penal institutions have been made available,” Sabina Aliyeva added.

Ombudsperson Sabina Aliyeva said that this year, 801 convicts were pardoned by the Presidential Order, and 59 of them were pardoned based on the petitions of the Ombudsman.

Sabina Aliyeva also visited the Regional Center of the Hungarian Ombudsman in Debrecen and familiarized herself with the Center’s activities.

During the trip, the Ombudsperson also familiarized herself with the conditions created at the Beregsurány border crossing point, the temporary office of the Ombudsman of Hungary, and the cultural center for children.

At the end, a meeting and discussions were held with Attila Tilki, a member of the National Assembly of Hungary, head of the Hungarian-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group.


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