Azerbaijani MP urges int’l organizations to strongly condemn attack on AzTV journalists in France

Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjaliyev called on international organizations to strongly condemn the attack on the journalists of Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC (AzTV) in France.

Speaking to News.Az,  MP Ganjaliyev stressed that such an attack on Azerbaijani journalists in France, which considers itself a herald of democracy is not a coincidence.

“The attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Paris and France’s police negligence of this fact, as well as the attack on the AzTV journalists, was not accidental, but rather planned,” he said.

According to the lawmaker, the fact that Azerbaijan protects its interests and the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from Armenia’s occupation seems to worry the French government.

“Azerbaijan has never stepped back in its politics until now,” MP Ganjaliyev said.

“Unfortunately, France, abusing democracy, calls itself worldwide a herald of democracy. However, the Azerbaijani journalists were prevented from exercising their professional activities,” he added.

The lawmaker emphasized that such an attack on the Azerbaijani journalists showed that the so-called “freedom of speech” in France and this country’s contributions to democracy are nothing more than a “fairy tale”.

“Azerbaijan will always protect the interests of its citizens and journalists. We urge all international organizations to strongly condemn this incident,” he concluded.


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