Azerbaijani MoD: Armenian servicemen create fakes just as badly as they fight

The reincarnation of the Armenian Defense Ministry’s ex-spokesperson, who had practically put the current spokesperson in the background on the second day of the fighting on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, was aimed at creating fake and false information, in which he is second to none in Yerevan, said Vagif Dargahli, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense.  

“Armenian servicemen create fakes just as badly as they fight,” Dargahli noted.

He said the Armenian Defense Ministry has been disseminating dozens of fakes and disinformation in recent days.

“We are promptly dismissing this disinformation. As you know, in order to somehow inspire the public, the Armenian side disseminated false information that the Azerbaijani Army allegedly lost 13 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) during the fighting. But how to prove something that does not really exist? After all, the Armenian society also requires evidences. So, the ministry posted a photo in the social network, allegedly depicting one of the shot down Azerbaijani UAVs. However, the Armenian myth-makers were easily exposed. It was quickly proved that the photo depicted not Azerbaijani UAV, but an American one, shot down as early as in 2014 in Afghanistan.”

The spokesperson went on to say: “What’s the most noteworthy is that even foreign journalists began to expose Armenian lies. Julian Röpke, a military analyst of the German newspaper Bild, dismissed as groundless the video released by the Armenian side, which allegedly reflects the downing of an Azerbaijani UAV. In fact, the video reflects a twin-engine narrow-body passenger plane.”

Dargahli stressed that the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is promptly providing information about the situation on the border with Armenia, without hiding losses.


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