Azerbaijani military command proposes Armenian garrison in Agdere to surrender

The Azerbaijani military command proposed to the Armenian command in the direction of the Agdere district to lay down the arms and surrender to avoid the complete destruction of the garrison of the Armenian armed forces located in Agdere, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported.

"The command of the Azerbaijani army guaranteed that prisoners of war and hostages will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the Geneva Convention and other requirements of international law," the ministry said.

The military command also warned that in case of resistance, each armed person will be neutralized.

The Armenian armed forces committed a large-scale provocation, subjecting the positions of the Azerbaijani army along the entire front line and the Azerbaijani settlements located in the front-line zone to intensive shelling from large-caliber weapons, mortars, and artillery installations of various calibers in the front-line zone on Sept. 27 at 06:00 (GMT+4).

The command of the Azerbaijani Army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation of Azerbaijani troops along the entire front to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces and ensure the safety of the civilian population.

According to the urgent information, Garakhanbeyli, Garvend, Kend Horadiz, Yukhari Abdulrahmanli villages of Fizuli district, Boyuk Marjanli, and Nuzgar villages of Jabrayil district were liberated.

The Azerbaijani army liberated several villages, important heights, and advantageously located territories in the direction of Fizuli and Jabrayil districts of the front from occupation.

Moreover, the Armenian armed forces’ positions in the direction of Agdere and Murovdag were destroyed, and strategic heights were taken under control.


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