Azerbaijani-German joint expedition began archaeological research in Karabakh plain

In accordance with the agreement between the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of ANAS and the German Archaeological Institute, large-scaled archeological research was started in the region within the framework of the project "Archaeological research of the Karabakh Plain", reports.

The main goal of the project is the archaeological research of settlements belonging to the VI-IV millennia BC located in the Karabakh plain with the application of various fields of science. At the initial stage, the main focus was directed at the study of the settlements belonging to the Leylatape phenomenon of the IV millennium. 13 monuments belonging to the Leylatepe phenomenon located in the Karabakh plan were inspected, and archeological research was conducted in four of them- Canavartepe, Saricali, Leylatepe ad Fermantepe settlements during the research season of 2022. Topographical surveys were conducted on these monuments, and a 3D model of them was created on the basis of the drone shootings. 

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