Azerbaijani diaspora representatives visit Shusha (PHOTO)

A group of representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora on Tuesday embarked on a trip to the country’s liberated Shusha city, the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs told News.Az.

The trip was organized by the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs.

The delegation includes 130 representatives of the diaspora organizations from 27 countries.

The representatives will visit the main city square of Bazarbashi at Ganja gates, Jidir Duzu, the square where the monuments of famous Azerbaijanis are installed.

They will also visit the place where the Shusha Declaration (between Azerbaijan and Türkiye) was signed, the House of Khurshidbanu Natavan, the "Khan gizi" spring, the Ashaghi Govhar Agha, Yukhari Govhar Agha and Saatli mosques and other sights.

The visitors will also get acquainted with the reconstruction and improvement work in Shusha.

The State Committee for Diaspora Affairs organized four trips of diaspora representatives to Shusha city in 2021 (July 27, August 17, October 9 and December 2).


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