Azerbaijani deputy minister hails strategic importance of Middle Corridor

Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport Rahman Hummatov said that the Middle Corridor has become a strategic artery.

“The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (Middle Corridor) not only serves the economic interests of the region, but has also turned into a strategic artery contributing to peace and prosperity,” Hummatov said at a regional event on the Middle Corridor in Georgia, News.Az reports citing Caliber.Az.

"We are grateful to international organizations and the World Bank (WB) for their support for realizing the potential of the Middle Corridor. As the WB report notes, the Middle Corridor is recognized by the global community as not just a short-term connectivity solution, but the shortest and most efficient link between the economies of the two continents. We have the intention and strong political will to support the development of the corridor, which plays the role of a reliable link in Eurasia, to maximize its potential," Hummatov noted.

The deputy minister underlined that integration plans for the development of international transit corridors, unification of border crossing procedures, synchronization of processes, ensuring the efficiency of maritime operations and introduction of a single global transit document contribute to accelerating the process of digitalization.


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