Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister: Armenians destroyed Greek churches in Mehmana village of Kalbajar

As you know, as a result of the glorious victory of Azerbaijan in the Patriotic War in 2020 and the liberation of our territories occupied for nearly 30 years, an opportunity for lasting peace and stability has arisen in the region, said Khalaf Khalafov, Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister during his speech at the event held in Baku on the occasion of the National Day of Greece, reports.

The deputy minister noted that during the occupation, our cities and villages, including the national cultural and historical heritage of our people, were massively destroyed in those territories. Also, during that period, Armenians destroyed Greek churches in the Mehmana village of Kalbajar and tried to present them as Armenian temples.

Khalaf Khalafov noted that Greeks settled in the Mehmana village of the Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan about 200 years ago. 

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