Azerbaijani Defense Ministry appeals to Garabagh’s Armenian residents

Considering the deployment of firepower by Armenia’s armed forces formations near residential areas, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry urged the civilian population of Garabagh to stay away from military facilities and not support the formations of Armenia’s armed forces.

“Related information was sent to Armenian residents of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan via mobile SMS service. At the same time, the population is warned through loudspeakers and information leaflets are distributed,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The protection and security of administrative, social, educational, medical, religious, and other facilities will be organized in line with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the norms of international humanitarian law.

Women, children, elderly people, as well as people with disabilities and the sick will be rendered necessary medical aid and other assistance. They will be provided with drinking water and food,” the ministry added.


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